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Bike Club

With the very kind help and support of Lucy Fenwick from Sustrans we have a super bike club at Christ Church, running from 3:15 until 4:15pm on Thursdays.


We learn how to look after our bikes and maintain them, play bike games and have loads of fun. Sometimes the weather beats us and we have to come indoors, but that doesn't stop the fun. Indoors we have used a specially adapted bike that makes smooties, built mini wooden bikes, create cool dust caps, practise repairing punctures...the list is endless!


We try to get out on our bikes as often as possible and have had some super rides. We have camped at Kielder Water and spent two days cycling around. We had an 8 mile ride around Cragside and then a guided tour of the house, night rides at the Rising Sun Country Park and many more around the local area.

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Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 A cycle around Kielder Water
Picture 13 A few hills to tackle
Picture 14 A quick break
Picture 15 Another quick break
Picture 16 Forest at Kielder Water
Picture 17 Half way there!
Picture 18 Kielder Water
Picture 19 Lots of bikes
Picture 20 Setting up camp
Picture 21 Smoothie bike
Picture 22 Some of the locals
Picture 23 Start of a night ride
Picture 24 The beautiful countryside
Picture 25 The crack of dawn.
Picture 26 The team ready to go!!
Picture 27 Wooden bike
Picture 28 Balance at bike club
Picture 29 Flat tyre!!
Picture 30 This is easy!
Picture 31 Many hands make light work.
Picture 32 Superheroes
Picture 33 Sustrans Fans
Picture 34 Heroes just hanging around
Picture 35 Probably the best club in school!
Picture 36 The Extreme Mountain Bike Show join Christ Church
Picture 37 Bunny hop competition
Picture 38 Hopping along
Picture 39 Smile for the camera
Picture 40 Up we go.
Picture 41 Up hill.
Picture 42 The high jump
Picture 43 So close!!
Picture 44 Up and over
Picture 45 Some tips for Bike Club