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Welcome to Nursery!

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Spring Term


This term we are learning about and reading Traditional Tales!

We are starting with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, exploring size order, number

and recipes from home. 


Over the spring term we are role playing in the three bears house, the gingerbread kitchen, the builders workshop, Granny's cottage and Jack's garden centre.


We are also exploring the change in season from winter to spring, and 

continuing our visits to the Wild Woods on Wednesdays.


We are exploring numbers to ten, ordering and categorising shapes and objects, 

and building / making to support play and ideas.


We are talking about our favourite stories, rhymes and songs, and

discussing characters, settings and retelling a story.


We are also continuing phonics by exploring environmental sounds, following simple

rhythm and rhyme, and continuing to improve our writing style.


* * * * * * *

Autumn Term


This term we are talking about Ourselves and Our Community!

We are learning about our new friends and families, pets, and who helps us in our

local community.


We are role playing in the home, the vets and doctors, and the post office.

We are also exploring the change in seasons, and starting our visits to the Wild Woods

on Wednesdays.


We are reading stories about different types of families, pets and seasonal animals,

and tales about helpful members of our community such as the vet, the doctor and

the fire service.