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Welcome to Nursery!

We hope you enjoy our class page :)



Autumn Term


This term we are talking about Ourselves and Our Community!

We are learning about our new friends and families, pets, and who helps us in our

local community.


We are role playing in the home, the vets and doctors, and the post office.

We are also exploring the change in seasons, and starting our visits to the Wild Woods

on Wednesdays.


We are reading stories about different types of families, pets and seasonal animals,

and tales about helpful members of our community such as the vet, the doctor and

the fire service.



Logo Hunting!


This week we enjoyed going on a logo hunt in the nursery garden. We discussed what we found and matched them to our record sheets, most of us knew Cbeebies, the Metro and McDonalds! And we learned some new ones too, like Tesco, Asda and Disney. We had loads of fun running around finding as many as we could with our friends, and helping our friends when they were stuck :)

Our first trip to the Wild Woods!


We had a wonderful time in the Wild Woods! We loved exploring Autumn and nature, digging in mud, jumping in leaves, and playing games. We can't wait for the next visit :)


Being a Vet


We love pretending to be a Vet! We have helped heal all sorts of animals, from cats and dogs to chameleons, flamingos and squirrels...even a tiger! All animals are welcome at the Nursery Veterinary Practice!


We have learned about pet care, and what vets use to help. We realised some of the things are also used by doctors to help us too, such as a stethoscope, injection needle, thermometer and bandages. If we are not helping as a vet, we are the pet owner, and sometimes even the pet who has come for a visit! :) 


Decorating biscuits with self portraits for Macmillan Cancer Research fund-raising


We enjoyed decorating biscuits with our faces! We spooned icing on top for the face and then added jelly lips, teeth, and dolly mixtures for the eyes and nose. We couldn't wait to take them home! 


Thankyou for all your support! :)