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Anti-Bullying Week

Year One have been doing lots of different crafts during Anti-Bullying Week.

We began by taking the motto
One kind word can change someone's entire day
and wrote kind messages to our friends in the class.

We then opened them and the children spoke about how these kind words from a mystery person in the class had made them feel. We then looked at the effect bullying can have on our hearts. We drew hearts and then crumpled them up into a ball as tight as we could. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't smooth all of the creases out of the paper after that - they would be there forever.

This is is what happens when people say or do unkind things - if someone really upsets us we never forget it.

For homework we have each designed our own hearts to create a class display to go alongside our promise to look after everyone in our class and be very kind to them.

Come into Year One and have a look for yourself!

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