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Charanga Music

Mercury class took part in a brilliant Charanga music lesson in school.


They worked with Julie Dorr who is an experienced Charanga trainer and is North Tyneside’s Primary Music Curriculum Support Consultant.


Charanga Music is an award-winning system providing online music learning for pupils and interactive resources. Using high quality digital learning resources. Mercury class were engaged in the music lesson in new and exciting ways. The children listened to the pulse and felt the beat of the music. They were also asked to hear the tempo of different pieces of music. They played clapping games, looked at musical notation, wrote their own music, pretended to be battery operated toys and rode an imaginary carousel which helped the children experience the music with the whole of their bodies.


All the children had a great experience with music and have said they can’t wait to do more.

Writing music
Children are listening to the pulse.
Children are pretending to be toys.
Clapping to the beat.
Riding the carousel.