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Clean Hands Experiment

We have been investigating germs.

You cannot see germs and to prove this we carried out an experiment.


  1. We checked our hands to see if we could see any germs, we couldn't our hands looked clean.
  2. We each touched a slice of bread and put it in a plastic bag.
  3. We made sure we had a 'control' sample, so we put a slice of bread in a bag that was not touched by any hands.
  4. We washed our hands.
  5. Finally we each touched a second slice of bread and placed this in a different bag.

Then waited and watched, the results were disgusting!!!!

Our hands had loads of germs on them, the bread that was the 'control' slice hardly grew any mold in the two weeks we watched it.

Some of the bread that had been touched by the washed hands still grew a lot of germs!

We have learnt the importance of making sure we wash our hands properly and especially before we eat.