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Esther and Purim

In RE, the children thane been learning about women in the Old Testament and this week they have been learning about Esther. Esther was a Jewish lady who lived in Persia. Her husband, the King, had been told he must kill all the Jews by a man names Haman. The King would have done this but brave, courageous Esther told him that she was a Jew and he mustn’t kill them all. The King listened and decided not to do as Haman had requested. In this one fearless action from Esther saved all the Jews in Persia.


To this day, Jewish people around the world, celebrate this heroic act in a festival called Purim. They make noise makers and eat small fruit parcels called Hamantashe. Our class made our own versions of these to celebrate too. 

Happy Purim

Still image for this video

Here are some pictures of the children making their Purim celebration items.