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Forestry School Day

The children took part in a forest learning day. They learned lots of life survival skills and had great fun doing it. Not only that but they also got to toast marshmallows on a camp fire, and eat them!

They had fun working as a team to make forest friendship bracelets using simple plaiting skills, then they learned to tie lots of different knots including a slip hitch and a granny knot that they renamed a nana knot.

Later on, the children took part in a nature scavenger hunt which tested their resourcefulness as many of the coloured objects required on the hunt are hard to find in the winter months. They all persevered and succeeded.

After that, the children created some wonderful environmentally friendly, transient art, which were incredibly creative and used all the materials in an interesting way.

Next the children were taught how to start a fire and what materials were needed to do this. They were taught about the past and how early man would have made fire and how they kept fire alive, using the fire triangle of warmth, oxygen and fuel.

After a very exciting day, the children finally got to toast marshmallows on the camp fire. Although it was cold, the children really enjoyed their day and learned a lots of useful skills.