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John Spence Creativity and Challenge Day

Year 5 were invited to one of John Spence High school's planned creativity days. The class spent the day experiencing all that the high school had to offer in terms of curriculum. The theme was creativity and challenge and during the day the whole class experienced a range of subjects with activities designed around problem solving, curiosity and communication.


The children participated in a Science lesson where they carried out a fair test to see which shape is the strongest, once that was done, they built the strongest bridge they could with this newly acquired knowledge. The worked on finding out about climate change in a Geography lesson and learned many interesting facts that affect out climate that thy did not previously know. In the maths lesson, the children were challenged to solve maths problems in pairs and there was an element of challenge and competition as they were only given the next question when the first was solved. The English teacher had the children working on grammar in a fun and interesting way doing crazy mad libs that made all the children roll around laughing by the end of the lesson.


The children enjoyed the whole day from the lessons to the lunch. It was great to see what life is like in a high school and hopefully will help them make good choices when it is their turn to move on.