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Mad march reading

As you know World Book Day is in the month of March.  We will be focusing upon reading and developing a love of books throughout the month in school.  At home we would love for you to get into the spirit by taking part in Mad March Readers.

We will also be offering lots of reading opportunities:

  • Book of the day – every day the teachers have chosen a book that they love that will be displayed on the notice board.  it will be read and discuss with the class.
  • Mystery readers – parents are given the opportunity to come in a read their favourite story to the class at the end of the day.  It is a surprise to see which parent will come in to read with the class.
  • Reading workshop – date to be confirmed, children to work with their parents to take part in reading based activities.
  • Bingo quiz -  Every child will be given a bingo board with different activities that link to reading, work with your child to sign them off throughout the month of March.  When the bingo board is completed please hand in to your class teacher and you will be entered into our fabulous Mad March Lucky Readers Draw where your child could win a prize!

We do hope you will join in with celebrating reading and helping your child to understand the value of a good book!


Keep checking out this page to see what we have been up to!

Mystery readers

Listening to stories with our buddies!

Reading workshop