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Self Portraits

Our class self-portraits were inspired by the portraits of the American artist, Chuck Close.


Contemporary artist Chuck Close is one of the most celebrated portrait artists of our time. Close quickly mastered his study of photo-realistic painted portraiture, and, looking for a challenge, created a series of “self-imposed limitations” to push his style in a new and unique direction.


Suffering from both dyslexia and the inability to remember faces, Close created a grid-like system of painting by pattern. This allowed him to take one small piece of a portrait at a time, which felt less overwhelming. He also believed that every subject was, in fact, the sum of its parts at the moment of capture, whether by camera or painter, and the grid process forced him to attend to each individual element of a face, rather than seeing the face as a single entity.


We have already collaborated as a class and created an enormous Harry Potter Chuck Close inspired portrait so we thought it would be a great idea to design one of ourselves. 

We first took pictures against a plain background. Next, we used squared paper, windows and the backlight from the sun to trace our imaged onto the squared paper. Finally, we used our previously acquired skills to design and produce the Chuck Close inspired patterns to achieve our self portraits. We hope you like them. 

Can you guess which child each one is?