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Superhero Day

On Monday 13th October Year 2 were able to invite a singing and performance workshop into school. The workshop was ran by Mr. Embleton who specializes in music, art and drama cross curricular creative projects. We were very lucky as he worked with our whole class for the entire day.

The children had not met him before the event and had had absolutely no idea what to expect. They had done no practice so everything they accomplish was achieved in the one day.

The children arrived into school excited and raring to go. Mr. Embleton told them he was going to create a story that they would perform, play, dance and sing through. He taught the class songs like 'The Sun has Got his Hat on', 'What's that Coming over the Hill' and 'I'm a Superhero'. The children had such a good time and even the ones who were a little shy at first were up, acting and singing to their best ability by playtime!.

They learned how to keep the beat, play instruments, learn and sing new songs, act out the whole superhero story as well as use a microphone!

After lunch we all went into the hall and had a dress rehearsal and at 2.15pm all the parents and friends of the Year 2 children were invited in to watch 'The Land of Superheroes.

The children were amazing and even the parents were getting up and singing along.

Everyone involved had a brilliant time and Year 2 can't wait to do something similar as soon as possible.