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The Eggnaut Challenge

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The children’s mission was to design and build a vehicle that will protect their Eggnaut from the perils of re-entry from space. The objective was to have their Eggnaut survive the fall without a crack. They were all given the exact same, limited materials to make their capsule. They were asked to plan individually before they then decided their teams to work with. This gave the children an opportunity to be creative and have their own unique ideas that they could then share with their group. The children worked so hard on this project and the collaborative work that came out of it was outstanding. Fantastic listening, organising, compromising and leadership skills emerged from this challenge. 


They had had to think about the wind and the rain, resistance and drag how to protect the egg but not make it too heavy either. Once all of these things had been considered, we safely released the eggs back to earth. 


Sadly, none of our eggs survived the fall but that didn’t stop the children from having great fun and achieving many new skills. 

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