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The Fisherman and the Pearl

The whole school watched a puppet show today made in partnership between Lempen Puppet Theatre and The Marine Conservation Society called The Fisherman and the Pearl.

It is a story about the sea that is all around us but we know so little about and McManus, an old fisherman from Fisherman’s Cove who has seen it all. It is the story of a fisherman’s love, and a precious gift which gives him knowledge of the creatures below the waves.

When he was young the fishing was good and the sea teaming with life. Now he’s old, sad and grumpy and spends his days sitting on the rocks lamenting the good old days. But his granddaughter Jo has found something on the beach - a special pearl - and all may not be lost ...

it was told through puppetry, mask, storytelling and animation to help the children understand how fragile the sea's ecosystem is and how we need to work hard to protect and conserve it.