Challenge Day


John Spence Challenge Day
Some of our class were lucky enough to be chosen to take part in the annual John Spence High School Challenge Day. Lots of year 5 children from different schools in the area come together and compete in many challenges.
Each table had a small instant camera that they could use throughout the day, recording their own memories. They were able to keep the pictures produced that they very much enjoyed.
To begin with the children had to order themselves in birthday order - fastest team wins. This was to get them ready for the day's events, making them communicate well and work as a team.
Sugar Cube Challenge
The first main challenge was to stack sugar cubes on top of each other and make the highest tower in the time given. The pictures of this challenge are below.
Domino Rally Challenge
The teams were given 2 minutes to practice making a 60cm domino rally.  After the 2 minutes were up, the person said to be the calmest was to take part for their team. The challenge was to build the 60cm rally, fastest wins.
Boat Building Challenge
In this challenge, the children had to design, create, make and build a boat to specific criteria that would carry the most marbles in water, without sinking.. The boat had to be 25cm or less long, 12cm or less wide and 12cm or less deep. The team whos boat held the most marbles before sinking was the winner.
Cup Stacking Challenge
There was a 2 minute timer set to practice this challenge of stacking 6 cups using only the string and rubber band before the children took on the actual event. The teams had to then choose the best leader who then picked the best players to compete. The fastest team from everyone taking part was the winner.
Longest Paper Chain Challenge
In this mini challenge, the teams of children had 5 minutes to make the longest paper chain from 5 pieces of paper. They were given 60 seconds to think about the plan and then a further 5 minutes to complete the challenge. Each member of the team had to help with the cutting and sticking. They all also had to make sure the chain didn't break when the 5 minutes were up. A chain in pieces, is not a chain!
Marble Run Challenge
In this challenge the teams had to create a marble run which kept the marble rolling for the longest distance.