Commando Joe's

Year 2 have been working on the key values from Commando Joe's RESPECT curriculum. 
Self awareness
You can find photos of our sessions here!
Our first session needed us to work together to help put out the starting sparks of the Great Fire of London. We had no fire engines or hoses back in 1666 though so all we could use were our hands to carry the water! This was made harder by having to traverse an obstacle course as well! We showed great resilience and team work and there was even some creativity in helping to get the last drops of the water from our buckets! Well done Year 2!
In our third and fourth sessions we had to traverse an obstacle course to choose objects that were important to us to save from the Great Fire. It was tricky to pick only a few objects to save like family pictures, clothes, toys from our childhood or candles that might light the dark nights for us. In our fourth session we worked together in teams to cross the river Thames in our boats. We had to show off our best communication and team work skills to get everyone to safety!