Commando Joe's - Steve Backshall


Mission 5
Today’s mission was all about rescuing a koala. Each group thought of an obstacle that would be in the way. We had stepping stones, an old, rickety bridge, tortoises on the land to avoid and a snake tunnel to go through. We weren’t allowed to touch the koala with our hands because they might get scared. It was very important to worked as a team to catch the koala and transport it back.
Mission 4
We have been incredibly busy helping animals and have lost our car keys to get back. There is a storm coming and we need to build a shelter to protect ourselves.
Mission 3
Our important mission this week was about saving Siamese Crocodile eggs. We had to be very careful not to drop them or touch them with our hands. There were also snakes about so we had to stay on the safe ground.
Mission 2
This was an exciting mission! We had to rescue a humpback whale. He had been stranded on a beach for two days so it was important we moved quickly to move him back to water. When we were moving him, one person had the extra job of trying to pour water over him.
Mission 1
This mission was all about working as a team to choose only nine items to take on the expedition. We then had to pack the bag and check that we could carry it.