Commando Joe's - Traditional Tales

Mission 5 - Three Little Pigs
Today's mission involved collecting materials to build a house for the pig (teddy). Only one piece could be collected at a time and only one person could enter the middle rectangle at a time. Stepping stones had to be used to collect the materials. Sometimes, the wolf would howl and it was important to get back to the start as quickly as possible. There were some fantastic houses!
Mission 4 - Little Red Riding Hood
This mission involved using stepping stones to get past the Big Bad Wolf. It was important to be quiet and not step off the stones. If he heard any noise he would howl and everyone would have to get back to the start as quickly as possible.
Mission 3 - Little Red Riding Hood
In today's mission we had to help Little Red Riding Hood get all the apples to her grandma. We walked on stepping stones and balanced along a bridge.
Mission 2 - Goldilocks
Our second mission involved getting the porridge (pasta) to the three bears' house. 
As a group, we had to choose which container would be best for transporting the porridge and then follow the stepping stones to get to the other side.
We had brilliant discussions and super decision making.
Mission 1 - Goldilocks
Goldilocks had been busy looking at the nature in the forest. She had got lost and couldn't work out how to cross the river.
We worked as a team to build our own bridge and then went back and to collect all the flowers Goldilocks had picked.
There was some fantastic teamwork and excellent balancing skills.