Mega Maths - Area


We took part in a Mega maths area game using dice to generate the length and width of the rectangles we made which we then had to use to work out the area.  The aim was to completely cover the whole of their game board with rectangles in a Tetris style so no parts were left uncovered. The winner would be the person to completely cover their area first. The children quickly realised how valuable a double one roll could be to plug gaps where a double six covered a much bigger surface area.  The game was then levelled up when two dice were used to get each side. The children thought this would be much easier as a bigger surface area could be covered much quicker but the smaller numbers to plug the gaps were far less frequent so this game was actually far more difficult to win. The games were lots of fun but they also required the children to solve problems which was a great way for them to apply their knowledge in a creative activity. It also allowed them to work and learn together in a collaborative way where they could share their skills and work as a team.