Year 5 took part in an orienteering trail which is a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. The aim is to navigate in sequence between control points marked on a unique orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. 

After all the children were taught a range of fundamental skills needed for orienteering, such as agility and endurance, navigation skills and map reading, they then took these skills off around the course. The children worked in teams to complete challenges and find markers and their efforts were timed. It was great to see come children being great leaders while others shone at reading maps, there were children who were quick and others who were methodical. Every team had a mixture of skills in their team which made for some great results.

Everyone had a great morning navigating their way around the park using maps.  The teams map reading skills, team work agility and fitness all worked together to all successfully navigate themselves around the course.

In the afternoon the class ventured on a trail around Tynemouth using rhymes and riddles along with their map reading and new found orienteering skills to navigate their way and find the landmarks along the route.

The park was delightful, the students enjoyed the playground, the wildlife and the pond area. The afternoon walk was made particularly special by the children managing to spot a couple of wild seals swimming in the mouth of the Tyne. Lots of happy smiles to end an all-round incredibly enjoyable day.