Races in science


We had been investigating the human life cycle in science and came up with a test to see how our bodies change as we get older.
We suggested that as we get older we get faster. This would be because our bodies are growing stronger and we become more active.
To test this idea out we got children from different year groups to race across the playground and timed who was the fastest. We weren't that surprised when the fastest child was from year 6, matching our prediction.
Afterwards we had some races amongst our class to see if the older children were faster. Here are a few action shots of our investigation.
Try it yourselves!
Can you think of other ways to test the strength, speed and changes in our bodies as we get older?
Maybe how far you can throw or kick a ball?
How many times you can throw an catch a bunch of socks if you're at home trying this?
If you have older or younger siblings you could try this investigation out with them?
What differences do you find between children who are older or younger?
Can adults beat your scores?
What about any teenagers you know?