Save the Egg


In science, we have been learning about forces, and in our save the egg investigation we looked closely at gravity and air resistance.
We created parachutes using a bin bags. We decided to test how two different size of parachute (one large and one small) would affect the speed the egg dropped and if the egg would survive either fall. We kept all the other variables the same. We used the same string and the same string length, the same zip lock bags to contain our egg. The same size egg and the same make of bin bag. The only change was the size of the actual chute.
Below are some pictures of our investigation.
Once the investigation had taken place, we learned that: 
  • Air resistance is a frictional force which slows objects as they move through the air.
  • It acts in the opposite direction to the opposing force - in this case gravity.
  • These objects do not have to be suspended in the air. For example, a car will have air resistance as it moves along the road as the windscreen, bonnet, roof etc. all come into contact with air particles.
  • The descent from the large parachute was noticeably slower than the the small parachute, ensuring the egg remained intact as it hit the ground.
And importantly to answer our investigation question:
  • The bigger the surface area of the object moving through the air, the greater the air resistance.