September school opening for all pupils

1st September 2020

I know that this is going to be a very different start to the school year and many of you will be feeling very anxious. I want to reassure you that we are working really hard to ensure that we have everything planned and ready for our opening day. School meals are an area that I have had several questions about so I thought I would try and explain how it will all work.

As you know the classes are all organised into bubbles.

Nursery, Reception and year 1= Bubble 1
Year 2 and 3 = Bubble 2
Year 4,5 and 6 = Bubble 3

Each bubble have there own allocated time in the dinner hall. Although the bubble will be in the lunch hall together each class will be sat on different tables.

All of the tables will be marked out so that we can maintain social distancing e.g, not sitting opposite.

Once each bubble has had lunch the hall will be cleaned.

When they are not in the lunch hall the children will be outside playing. Each bubble has its own yard and each class has a dedicated lunchtime supervisor. If we have to have indoor play, each class will be in their own classroom with a dedicated member of staff.

The lunches are to be ordered and paid for as they are currently. We have a hot menu offer but it will be in the form of a grab bag rather than trays. This is to ensure that we have enough time to allow all of the children time to eat.

If you would rather provide a packed lunch, we will have dedicated space for the children to eat a packed lunch in the hall with their friends.

I will attach a copy of the menu that we have for the start of term, this may change as we move through the term.

Our kitchen has been deep cleaned and is all ready to open to pupils.

Thank you

Mrs Bradford

Physical Education

In order to comply with guidance we are asking children to come to school in their PE kit on the days that they have PE.

At present we have not allocated which days your child will have PE, this is because we have to create a complex rota so that equipment is not shared across bubbles. We are organising timetables during the first week back, we will let you know the days your child has PE during week 2 and will start PE week 3.

As we are asking the children to come to school in their PE kits, they are able to wear trainers. We also don’t want them to get cold so we have added plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms and hoodie. We have contacted emblematic to ask them to create a set with our logo on.

We will try and do PE outside as much as possible , weather permitting so the tracksuit will be great for that.

What can come into school?

Reading books-

We are currently planning how we can have reading books moving between home and school as safely as possible. We know how important reading is for children and this is a priority for us. Reading will take place in school only during the first 2 weeks back and we will let you know how this will work once we have finalised plans.

Water bottles-

Water bottles must be brought in to school in a labelled bottle and full of fresh water. These can be refilled if your child drinks it all. The children will all have a dedicated table in the classroom and will keep their bottle with them so that we minimise movement around the classroom.


We are asking you to not send any bags into school, especially during the first few weeks. If your child needs to bring something to school please speak to a member of staff first.

Sun Cream-

The weather forecast for September is not great so I am not expecting this to be a problem. If it does surprise us with a hot spell, please apply sun cream before they arrive in school. If you send them to school with sun cream please ensure this is labelled and we ensure it is stored safely.


If it is wet outside and you may bring your child to school in wellies. If that is the case, please ensure they also bring school shoes to change into. The wellies must also be labelled. We will ensure they are stored safely.