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Week 4 - Morning Session

This week, the children got to work on their project for the whole day. In the morning they focused on portraiture and the afternoon’s main focus was on drama. 



The Morning Session 


The first thing the children did in the morning was look at a poem specially written by Michael Rosen for the Arts Award called ‘Possible’. They looked at the language used and decided what they thought the arts means. 


Then the children looked at portraiture, how it works, how to take them and what they look like. They learned that portraits can be full length, head and shoulders or even non facial. We looked at some famous examples from a wonderful photographer Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen who has some of her work exhibited on the Amber Photography website and at the gallery. These pictures were taken from her Byker Collection. 


Here is is an example the children were shown of a full length.







Here is The example of a head and shoulders portrait. 




Here is the famous example of a none facial portrait the children looked at. 





Finally, the children looked at a an environmental portrait style that focuses more on the backdrop than just the person.


Here is the photo the children used in this activity. 


Here are some pictures of the children learning about portraiture and trying out their new camera skills. They were given the objective that the have been commissioned to take portraits and must use all the techniques and styles they have been taught so far.