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Week 6

This week, the children were given a chance to work as a team, to problem solve and challenge themselves to work collaboratively and get the best results.  They first had to make the most sturdy high house using lollipop sticks. It had to be free standing and they had to think what design would be strong but also tall. At the end of this activity, the children were asked what was hard about working in a team and what were the good points.  Lots of the class found many brains came up with many ideas but sometimes that meant that good ideas weren’t necessarily listened to or heard when the team was big. They gained some essential insight into working collaboratively in this task.


After they had completed their teamwork activity, the class were asked to explore community and what it means to be part of one. They were given the chance to discuss their findings and ideas. 


Finally the children took part in a game where their questions could only be answered with a yes or a no. They had to work out what animal the person at the front was being. After doing that, they were allowed to ask any type of question for the same purpose. The children quickly understood that open ended questions got them the result they required much quicker than the closed yes/no questions did. They then used this to make a list of interesting open ended questions they could ask the ferry staff on their field trip next week.