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Week 7 - Community Day

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This was the day of the field trip to the ferry that the children have been planning for.  They went armed with their questions ready to interview and report. They worked in groups and in a carousel worked their way around the ferry taking to different members of the working team there from the youngest worker who was just 17 learning to be an engineer to the men who had worked on the ferry for 10 years or more. There were lots of interesting stories and adventures to talk about and be listened to. The skills the children used got more and more honed as the activity progressed as they learned to listen, make notes and think of the next relevant question. 


The children even even had time to play some deck quiots, visit the engine room,stand beside the driver while he was driving the ferry and even watch a demonstration of a life vest being inflated.  It was a very interesting experience, one that shan’t be forgotten in a hurry. 

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