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What is happening this week

This week we are reading a non fiction book about food and how to keep healthy.  We will be using this book to write facts and find all about what we eat helps us to grow and gives us energy.

In maths we are continuing to practise adding using + and = and practical part part whole models.  This week we will be watching which will help us to understand addition.




This week we are learning all about an upcoming celebration that some people will be joining in at the end of this month.  Chinese New Year will be celebrated by many families in Newcastle, we will be reading stories and learning all about the customs and traditions, we will look at how they are the same and how they are different to our own celebrations.  It will also be a fantastic opportunity to create some lovely decorations for outer classroom.

If you would like to join in with the celebrations in China town please see the link below for further information, if you do go we would love to see some of your photos!


13th January 


This week is maths creativity week, your child has come home with a log in for a maths game on the internet, please login and have a go at home, I can see who has been having a go at school Mrs Wake our maths lead is super excited to see who is a budding mathematician in reception.  We will be practising 6, 7, 8 and 9 this week, splitting them into parts, seeing where they come in a number line and writing the number.  Here are some handy videos to watch at home...


Our story this week is supertato which is one of my favourites we will be looking at using this book to complete some writing and making our own collage supertato heros.







6th january


We hope you have had a lovely holiday.


This half term we are learning all about superheroes, we will be reading lots of exciting superhero stories. We will be looking at how to have a super healthy body, how to be a superhero and help other people and real life super heroes like doctors and nurses.


This week we are reading the book super daisy, we will be using the book to write about our favourite food, trying to write a sentence and sound out words carefully.


In maths we are looking at splitting numbers into parts.  The number blocks has a fantastic video about this


If you would like to do some work at home draw a superhero and try and write some words to label your picture. 


18th November


This week we are taking part in world nursery rhyme week, we will be learning a lot of rhymes.  If you would like to take part you can go on the website and register which is free  or you can practise some nursery rhymes there are lots on  We will send a little nursery rhyme pack for you tonight.


In English we will be learning all about rhyme and practising our rhyming words, trying to write rhyming strings such as cat, mat, hat.  In maths we are moving on to one less, we have done this practically today taking away one sheep from the field.


We will be completing lots of performance activities in our afternoon sessions using instruments, role play and our acting skills.


At home you may want to:

Perform a nursery rhyme

Write a list of rhyming words

Practise one less


11th November


This week the children are reading the story on the gingerbread man, we have listened to the story and are trying to join in with the repeated refrains throughout the story.  We are trying to retell the story through drawings, labels and role play.

In maths we are continuing the practise one more, we have added one more object to a set to count how many and now we are learning to practise one more by thinking that one more is the next number on a number line or the next number when we count.

Throughout the week we will be looking at lots of gingerbread related activities, we are making collage gingerbread men and describing the different textures of the materials we have used.  We are using our problem solving skills to help the gingerbread man build a bridge so that he can safely cross without the fox to help!

Also this week is children in need, we will be wearing odd socks tomorrow and on Friday we will be wearing no uniform for a £1 donation.


4th november


This half terms topic is traditional tales.

This week we are reading Hansel and Gretel, we are trying to look at what the characters names begin with and copying the letters.  We are also practising sounding out simple words to read and write like cat, pig, dog.  We have been using if you would like to try it out at home!

In maths we are learning about more and less to compare two groups.  We have looked at which pile has more and which pile has less.  We are practising adding one more to a group, we are using objects to help us. We watched to help us.

This week we are also getting creative building houses with different materials... the construction, junk modelling and playdough.  We are trying to make sculptures and 3D art.

For home help this week you could....
Practising adding one more 
Practise labelling picture with our name or the first soun


21st October


This week is a mega busy week, we are coming off timetable to learn how to develop a growth mindset, we will be looking at the book giraffes can’t dance and thinking about how to challenge ourselves.  We are also going to learn how it is important to make mistakes to help us to learn!! For more information on this please look at

In maths we will be looking at comparing two groups, we will be using the words more, less, fewer, the same as and equal to.

 I have discovered a great free app for you to try too
made by the bbc with lots of CBeebies characters on and fits in with what your children are learning in school!!

If you want to try something at home:

Practise a skill you have not done and try and get better!
Use and retell the story to an adult




14th October 


This week we are using the story of the bad tempered ladybird.  We are looking at the different animals in the story and trying to hear what sound the animal start with.  Then we will practise writing these sounds forming them correctly.

In maths we are looking at sorting groups of objects, we have been using ladybirds, buttons and different coloured shapes.  We have sorted them looking at different criteria.  Sorting into big and small, sorting into colours, sorting using numbers.  

In topic we are looking at being bad tempered and how sometimes everyone can get cross and angers but what can do to feel better and what can we not do.  Eg just because we are cross we should not shout or be unkind to others.  

This week at home you could:
Draw pictures of all the animals and try and label them.
Can you sort different similar objects in the house into different categories (big and small, blue and not blue) and take a picture.
Make a craft ladybird
Practise finding numbers in your house, which numbers can you find add a picture and send it to us!

Thank you for all your lovely panda home jobs, we loved seeing all of your children’s hard work!


7th October 


It’s Mr Pandas birthday this week!

This week we are reading please mr panda and thank you mr panda.  We are looking at kind words and being polite to our friends.  If we can be kind and polite we will be invited to mr panda doughnut panda party!

We are planing his party inviting different animals and writing lists, invites and making cards.  We are trying our best to write letter sounds and names.

We have looked at numbers 1 to 5 on different birthday cards and we have practised counting out the correct amount of plates, cups and hats for the birthday party.  We have practised counting out the right number of candles from a big group, making sure we only count out the amount we need.

At home you can:
Draw pictures of mr panda and write a p
Make a birthday card for mr panda
Practise recognising and counting 1 to 5
Make sure you use kind words by saying please and thank you

Please feel free to bring in your work or message us to let us know the exciting things you have been up to!


30th September


In maths we are practising counting carefully. Learning that we need to give each object a number and then the amount is the last number that we say. Some children still need practise this.  The answer to how many can’t be 12345 it should be 5!

In English we have been learning the sounds s, a, t, p.  We are labelling different pictures and practising hearing the sound at the start of words.  We are also practising the letters in our name.

In the afternoon we are still learning about friendship, this week the theme will be sharing.  Sharing toys, time and ideas.  The children will be nominating children who are good at sharing and what they have done, hopefully your child will receive a super sharing sticker!

Outside we are continuing to practise big and little movements making our own obstacle courses and mazes.