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Whitehouse Farm

We had a wonderful time at Whitehouse Farm!


We enjoyed starting things off with a tractor ride across the fields, greeting the grazing farm animals.


We fed some of the goats in the barn and held some furry friend - rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and skinny pigs with no fur! We also met some snakes and could stroke their scales, they were much softer than we expected and very friendly! As was a tarantula who liked walking on our heads! We felt very brave and it tickled!


We loved wandering around the animal barns seeing more animals such as monkeys, meerkats, and parrots. We loved learning about birds of prey and met an owl who liked to have their feathers tickled. We had a group picnic in the picnic barn and ended the day with a bounce about the soft play before getting the bus back to school.


Here are some highlights! 


​​​​​​​Thankyou very much to all our wonderful parent supporters who made today extra special!