All the Year 5 children were invited and took part in an incredible festival called Healthy4Life at The Parks Sports Centre in North Shields.
The aim of this fun festival was to provide Year 5 children with a variety of activities and wellbeing messages based around physical activity and nutrition. The intention, to develop an enthusiasm and appreciation for different activities, strengthen links between local agencies and schools as well as providing key health and wellbeing messages to all pupils which will help encourage further participation after the event.
There were lots of different events on offer during the day but our activities that the festival chose for us to participate in were cheerleading and rugby before lunch and then hockey and cooking in the afternoon.
We all came together at the end of the four events and were asked to say what we had enjoyed and learned from participating in the festival.
 We then took part in a closing ceremony where we were given certificates and plaques to take back to school.