Singing Day at Christ Church


Year 5 were invited to a singing day just across the road at our very own Christ Church. The acoustics for singing there are amazing and we were very excited about this  fantastic inclusive opportunity for our children to nurture a sense of care, respect and empathy towards others. It was designed to help children feel part of something special, enhance their identity and increase their self-confidence and self-esteem. Not only that but singing and listening to music helps children experiment, take risks and be creative.


The day was set up with rehearsal sessions learning 5 pieces of music and song. They learned to manipulate their voices and make new sounds, they explored styles of singing and tested different ways of communicating during theses sessions.


After lunch is was performance time. All the children were ready, the recording equipment set up and important members of the music hub invited to listen. All the children sang so beautifully. The harmonies, rounds and sheer joy of their voices were a wonder to behold.