Live Online Story Writing Lesson


It has been National Storytelling Week this week not only in school but around the country. The idea of this week is to celebrate the art of storytelling and the power of stories to connect, entertain, and inspire. During this event in school, we have had many different story telling activities happening, from story time mix up where children chose which class they’d like to go to for a story, to guest readers to live story telling and creating events online. 
The online event Year 5 took part in was with Steven Camden who is a published author and poet. We joined him online to learn all about world-building, an essential component of story creation and storytelling that will helped us develop our understanding of place, character and narrative. We also had the opportunity to create a brand-new, fictional world live with Steven and with many other pupils from across the UK. We had the chance to imagine a magical street called 'Crocodile Lane' where the collaborative story we helped design and create begins. We were also challenged to ask the question who could be behind each front door.
Steven showed us all how to world build a story and how the process of writing can be as easy as scribbling ideas on a piece of paper and letting you imagination go wild.