Internet Safety

Social Media
Many children have increased their usage of social media, online gaming and access of films. Unfortunately not all of these platforms are age appropriate. 
Whilst we know our parents are vigilant, social media changes rapidly and new platforms appear making it difficult to closely monitor activities. As a parent, it is important that you know that all social networking platforms (or apps) have age limits. Some sites/apps use technology that promotes the engagement of people much older than your child.
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What are the risks of using an underage social networking account?
There are many risks when your child uses an unsupervised account or makes an account on a site which is not age appropriate:
  • Many sites include instant messaging which allows private conversations between members
  • Most sites have an app available, meaning your child can access the site from a mobile phone or tablet. Some sites also use the location of the device.
  • Information between friends can be easily copied and spread
  • It is not easy to take back information which has been posted and can be impossible if it has already been shared.
  • Not everyone your child meets online will be who they say they are. Chatrooms and forums connect people who are complete strangers can be unmoderated.
  • Chatrooms and forums are some of the places online groomers go to connect with children. This is sometimes through video chat. They can also be places where people use a lot of inappropriate language and engage in online activities with people who may be much older - or not who they say they are.