Good attendance and punctuality is crucial for children’s educational and social development. We hope that Christ Church School is a place where children want to come. We aim to provide a welcoming and caring environment where children feel safe, happy and secure. We strive to support and challenge all children to help them achieve their true potential. They should be interested in what is on offer and be keen to learn and develop their skills and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum. A high level of attendance is important for children to make good progress. Arriving on time means that children are ready to learn from the start of the school day.

Every child who attends school every day of the week is awarded a house point to celebrate their achievement. 

Term Time Holidays
Since September 2013, holiday can only be authorised under ‘exceptional’ circumstances. Our guideline is that ’exceptional circumstances’ would be a situation that is a ‘one off, ’ short and unavoidable. An application form is available form the school office which contains more information.

We strive to always improve our attendance and be equal or above the National Average (96% in 2015) From September 2015, attendance less than 90% is now classed as ‘Persistent Absence’ which will lead to involvement with The Educational Welfare Officer.

Did you know?
  • If a child is missing six days every term of every school year, it is the same as missing one whole school year.
  • 19 missed days over the school year reduces a child’s chances of success. Research shows that SATs or GCSE grades can drop by one grade with this level of attendance.
The chart below shows how many days, weeks and lesson are missed from absence. 95% may seem like a good attendance but 50 lessons have been missed. It can often be very difficult for children to catch up.

Please discuss any issues that may be affecting your child’s attendance with your child’s teacher or Mrs Bell, the attendance champion. We are here to help you.