Letting their Light Shine

Throughout the hard times, there is often light that shines through. Our school motto is 'Let Your Light Shine' (Matthew 5:16).
We have worked with the school community to identify people who have really demonstrated this through the last year. 
They are being announced in various ways, through videos sent via google classroom or seesaw, the school website, face book, letters home. 
Here are the people shining bright and demonstrating our school values, Congratulations to you all. 
There is still time to put forward your nominations, just complete the attached form. 
Congratulation Lauren.
You were nominated by your mum for being an absolute star with home learning. I know you have had some really sad news with the death of your great nana but your mum wants you to know how supportive and helpful you have been in this hard time. You have been so caring and considerate towards her, knowing and understanding she is in pain and helping her get through it.
That is just amazing Lauren we are all so proud of you. You have demonstrated all of our school values and really have 'let your light shine'
Congratulations Ann, you were nominated by your family.
Jeremy and Amelia's grandmother who has been supporting her grandchildren to complete all of the home schooling while their dad is at work.
Congratulations Ann, your work is really appreciated by your family and all of the staff at Christ Church.
Mrs Bell
Where can I even start! This wonderful human goes out of her own way to help parents! She has helped so much, making rewards charts, bringing him extra school work and even a chewbuddy to help him with his chewing and biting habit. Every week making sure we have a video call, giving us all a so much encouragement! I can't thank her enough for helping us through this tough time and reminding us we aren't alone and we're going a good job! Thank you so much Mrs Bell!
We are so proud of Mrs Bell and she really does do an amazing job, we are very lucky to have her.