Contraction Apostrophes


In our grammar work of our Mighty Write session we looked at contraction apostrophes.
We played some games and quizzes to help us become quicker at identifying them. Then we made some concertina word cards that really showed the contraction in a very visual way that we found extremely helpful.
After seeing how important the apostrophe is at showing where the missing letters were and how without it the meaning can be so different, for example I'll looks like ill without the contraction apostrophe, we'd could be misconstrued as Wed (Wednesday's abbreviation) and she'll reads as shell. We also explored the irregular contractions such as won't for will not. We also examined the double meanings of some of these contracted words, such as he would and he had would both contract to he'd.
We then thought our knowledge of this grammar point was good enough to created our own contraction words placing the apostrophe correctly into our newly formed words. Finally, we used our contracted words in some sentence work.
Check out some photos of this lesson below.