In this area, you will find the Spelling units covered in Year 5. These units will be added here as the children cover the spelling patterns throughout the school year.
Spelling tests will take place every Friday morning.
Please note: If children get less than half marks, the test will be taken again the following week.
Statutory Spellings
Here are lists of all the tricky words which children should know by the end of Key Stage 2.
Useful Tips

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

This is a strategy used to help children learn their spellings.

Your child is given a word to spell and:

  • looks at it
  • says the word
  • covers it over with a piece of paper or their hand
  • writes the spelling again next to the word
  • uncovers the spelling to check if they have got it right.

This is a good method to teach children so that they practise learning the spellings of words, but also so that they are testing themselves.

Below is a Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check template to use.