Young Carers'

At Christ Church CE Primary School we believe that all children and young people have the right to an education, regardless of what is happening at home.

When a young person looks after someone in their family who has a serious illness, disability or substance misuse problem, he or she may need a little extra support to help him or her get the most out of school. Our Young Carers Policy says how we will help any pupil who helps to look after someone at home.


Our school:

  • Has  members of staff with special responsibility for young carers and lets all new pupils know who they are and what they can do to help. This identified person is Mrs. Bradford and Mrs Bell
  • Supports young carers week.
  • Can put young carers' in touch with the local Young Carers' Service. We can also put families in touch with other support services and can refer into the service.
  • Is accessible to parents who have mobility and communication difficulties and involves them in parents’ evenings.
  • Respects your right to privacy and will only share information about you and your family with people who need to know in order to help you.
  • Provides support for children in school in a variety of ways including nuture room time, time to talk, as well as  individualised support based on the needs of the child
  • Complies with the Disability Discrimination Act by offering disabled parents support to get their children into school.
Where do I go for help?
If you need any help, further information please see your class teacher or find Mrs Bell or Mrs Bradford and they can give you any help that you need. 
You can also visit the young carers website: