The Fish Quay Project


The Introduction
In conjunction with the Building Self Belief organisation and the Heritologists as part of our North Shields Fish Quay History Project, the children had the most fantastic day learning all about the interesting story of one of Christ Church's former pupils - the incredibly talented local artist - Victor Noble Rainbird. The children heard all about his time in WW1 and how this time affected him and his life, including his artwork. Then the children interviewed Nick and Terry, who live and breathe the Fish Quay. 
The Morning
Art Session
The children made their own abstract art using sphero balls. Not only did they do that, they also created Wordle clouds and did some Victor Rainbird inspired charcoal sketches too.
The Afternoon Interviewing Session
Nick and Terry regaled the class with many interesting stories past and present about live working on and around the fish quay.