Water Resistance - Boats


In Science, in our Forces topic we investigated water resistance. Our investigation needed to help us answer the following questions:
1)What does water resistance do to boats?
2)Why do boats tend to have pointed fronts?
3)What would produce higher water resistance in boat design? 
We made sure we only changes the front shape of out boats and kept everything else the same. This ensures our test was a fair one.
Design Mode in Full Swing
Testing Out Our Boats

After testing out boats, we found out that pointy ended boats moved faster through the water. We know this because all the boats we tested that had pointy ends made it to the end of our water track faster than any other shaped boat.


This is because streamlined or hydrodynamic objects will move more quickly through water because their shape means they are hit by fewer water particles (less water resistance). As shown in the diagram below.


Water resistance is a type of friction. It slows objects down when they move through water. The more water particles an object hits, the higher the water resistance is.