E-Book Creations


In our computing lessons we have recently been making an interactive E-book flag quiz. We firstly learned what an E-book is and how it works. We learned that E-Book means 'electronic book' which is a downloadable, digital version of a book. E-books also have many advantages over traditional paper books; they take up less physical space, do not use paper made from trees and you can download them to read instantly. They can also include interactive features, such as audio, video and links to websites. 
In this unit of work we used the E-book creation app to use a range of different content and tools such as text, audio, drawings, video and images in a singular document.
This unit knitted together many aspects of the computing curriculum, from Key Stage 1 using technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content to Key Stage 2 creating content to accomplish goals. Plus we loved playing each other's quizzes once we had completed our E-books.