50 House Points Awards


50 House Points
Children are awarded house points for good work, good behaviour, effort, achievement or by showing good manners to adults and classmates. Every week, we praise and recognise these achievements in our celebration worship time.
Here are the pictures of the children in year 5 who have been awarded their 50 house point certificate and silver badge.
The house point system is a school initiative to give pupils a shared sense of community, a chance to work with their peers and staff, interacting with others and developing new and stronger relationships. The points also create a feeling of pride and achievement for the children, not only because they have an inner sense of pride and achievement but with our certificate and badge system, members of staff can congratulate them on their success.
The first award the children receive is their 25 house points certificate and bronze badge. This progresses to 50 points and a silver certificate, 75 points and a gold badge to 100 points being awarded in very special circumstances.